Latin Leap adds value through a proven 

methodology for tech venture soft-landing in Latin America.



Latin Leap is a unique Venture Capital Studio that aims to soft-land purpose-driven tech scale-ups in Latin America. With a focus on tech scale-ups from Southeast Asia, Latin Leap provides a full suite of soft-landing services to facilitate expansion in the Latin American region. Latin Leap’s viable soft-landing model connects expanding businesses to the relevant corporate, public sector, media, and talent networks in Latin America while helping them navigate regulatory procedures and promoting a tropicalisation of strategies. This places Latin Leap in a prime position to serve as a gateway to Latin America for Southeast Asian tech companies looking to set foot in the region.


Whether you are a tech business looking for investors to scale in the Latin American market, or have already secured funding but require in-market consultancy services for soft-landing in the region, Latin Leap is here to help.    

For more information on our soft-landing modules and process please email us at, or fill in our contact form.