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Mauve Group simplifies the business of expansion; since 1996, our creative solutions have helped organisations conquer new markets in 150+ countries worldwide.

With Mauve’s Employer of Record, global HR and expansion services onside, your company is guaranteed to reduce risks, lower costs and save time as it ventures into Latin America.

 Sistel specializes in developing creative and innovative online corporate learning solutions in Latin America. The company has over 23 years creating memorable eLearning experiences, solving business knowledge transfer challenges with measurable results and constructing outside-the-box digital training.



Gerencia Selecta is one of the most recognized local Head Hunting Firms for C-Level and middle management positions cross-sector.



Timbi is a specialized Fintech headhunter providing global services as a trusted partner to blitzscaling companies, helping them to align their values and culture across borders as they expand into different regions and markets. With a track record in finding strategic hires across different markets for some of the best-known Fintechs in the region such as Credijusto, Addi  and Kueski Timbi has extensive experience in the challenges of scaling with the right quality of talent at pace.



Eficacia is the leading BPO provider and go-to-market partner for retail in Colombia and with presence in Ecuador and Panama. The company has a +40,000 work force.

Caracol Televisión is a Colombian free-to-air television network, owned by the Grupo Valorem. It is the most relevant television network in Colombia.


BITPOINT LATAM (subsidiary of Japanese Remixpoint Inc, TYO: 3825) is a compliant crypto-to-fiat exchange leader in Latin America and serves as soft-landing partner for crypto related services entering the LATAM market.


Tribals powers startup growth in emerging markets by providing corporate cards and financial solutions.



Outsourcing SA  is a Colombia based leader in First Contact Resolutions & Contact Center Processes in B2B and B2G with > 7.000 workforce. The company has been operating for > 25 years and has been recognized internationally for innovation and industry best practices.

Gómez-Pinzón is a leading law firm in Colombia that provides multiple counsel in different law areas in such a way that our clients are assured thay they will make the best decisions in their business.



With more than 15 years of experience, today Glos Trading is a full-service retail branding and sourcing company with a strong regional presence. Retail branding and sourcing is at the heart of everything Glos Trading does.


Farmalisto is the leading digital health care provider with presence in Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Mazars is an international, integrated and independent firm, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services. Mazars Colombia assists entrepreneurial and small businesses, private investors and public bodies at every stage of their development through offices in seven cities in the country.



Latin Leap is part of Global CRM provider’s Hubspot network of partners offering preferred rates to technology start-ups.




Smart Translators provides multilingual solutions in translation, interpretation, and localization in different formats, including: events, web content, video, streaming, DTP, and other publications. Established in 2006, Smart Translators works with a team of professional translators, official interpreters, native speakers, and specialists in a wide range of industries and areas of knowledge. 




 Capricorn has been operating for more than 50 years in Peru, Chile, Colombia and Brazil  with strong footprints in the textile, chemicals, steel, construction, plastics and agriculture supplies areas.




Corporación Colombia Internacional (CCI) is a widely recognized government backed non-profit organization focused on the development and support of the agricultural sector in Colombia since 1992.


The promotion of exports of non-mining energy goods and services in markets with potential, the expansion of Colombian companies, the attraction of foreign direct investment to Colombia, the positioning of the country as a tourist destination for vacations and meetings and Colombia Country Brand, are the main axes on which PROCOLOMBIA focuses it’s work.  



Digiware, headquartered in Colombia and with regional presence,
is fhe fifth-largest company in Latin America in cybersecurity and has one of the best
SOC – Security Operations Center of Latin America.


Intersoftware unites the most relevant IT dev shops from Colombia’s most dynamic Antioquia region and provides competitive Development talent.

Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa, founded in 1981, is Mexico’s leading tax consulting and law firm.

CRZ advises corporate groups, investors, local and foreign individuals, and companies, from different sectors and industries, including public and private, regarding compliance with legal obligations, the regulatory framework, and the implementation of integral and legal risk mitigation programs.

CRZ has an outstanding reputation in the public and private sector within the academic and professional fields both in Mexico and abroad. CRZ goal is to remain leaders by constantly updating, focusing on our clients, and personalizing our services, guided by the vision of maintaining our high-quality standards, which provide value to clients, with a strong emphasis on training, inclusion, and development of its human resources.

CRZ serves the needs of medium and large organizations, and we have gained extensive recognition in the Mexican and international business environment.

Wavveup is the leadership partner for founders and C-level executives of scaleup offering 1-to-1 coaching programs, group coaching, and a community of other scaleup leaders in the same phase. Wavveup’s development in peer groups, combined with a specific methodology for scaleup C-level leaders, has made the company a reference in Southern Europe (with over 500 success cases) for delivering high results in leadership effectiveness, team motivation, and performance during periods of change, such as growth or restructuring.