Latin Leap invests in purpose-driven tech scale-ups that have a long-term positive impact on Latin American society. By investing in companies from verticals including fintech, agtech, healthtech, edtech, proptech, cleantech, mobility tech and HR tech, Latin Leap seeks to fulfill 8 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These 8 goals include zero hunger (SDG2), good health and well-being (SDG3), quality education (SDG4), affordable and clean energy (SDG7), decent work and economic growth (SDG8), industry, innovation, and infrastructure (SDG 9), and reduced inequalities (SDG10).  

A fixed mindset is one of the root causes of economic inequality in Latin America, and this leaves much room and opportunities for growth. 
According to the World Bank, there are nearly 130 million chronic poor in Latin America and one in five people have never known anything but poverty. Communities and individuals across the region suffer from a lack of access to basic needs, poor infrastructure and institutional support, and a lack of risk insurance and safety nets. All these factors lead to lowered aspirations and the development of a fixed mindset that them in a vicious cycle of poverty. 
At Latin Leap, we believe providing access to technology and education as well as fostering entrepreneurship will help drive a shift from Fixed to Growth Mindset. By investing in businesses that work towards the UN sustainable development goals, we hope to introduce innovative solutions that can provide this access for the advancement of Latin American society. 

*According to Wolrd Bank Mind, Society and Behaviour Report 2018

A fixed mindset in the root cause of Latin American economy inequality, leaving growth opportunity on the table.