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The Latin American Economic Outlook 2020 written by OECD highlights the role of the digital transformation as a tool that can help foster development in the region, particularly in the context of the current Covid-19 crisis, and emphasises that international partnerships are essential to reaping the bene of the transformation.

Digital technologies can contribute to improving productivity, help tackle climate change, foster inclusiveness and transform public institutions. The agenda is ambitious and requires the implementation of a comprehensive approach aligning national development strategies with digital agendas. More than ever international cooperation is needed to reach the full potential of digital transformation in the region.

The potential of digital transformation to address these challenges in LAC is huge, as well as to support a sustainable recovery of the region from the current crisis.

With its diverse geography and myriad of public and private actors, Latin America is a large and complex ecosystem that requires deep knowledge, understanding, and connections to be able to navigate. Latin Leap’s close partnerships with a host of ecosystem partners spanning the region allows us to act as consortium operator, connecting relevant partners to promising tech scale-ups and pooling resources to foster collaboration and promote success.

As a member state of the Pacific Alliance, Colombia is an active player in the promotion of free trade and economic cooperation with the three other member states of Chile, Mexico, and Peru, as well as the associate member countries of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore. With its roots in Colombia, Latin Leap is in a prime position to facilitate partnerships between Singapore and the other member states in the region.

Latin Leap is calling for all innovative Singaporean tech scale-ups to venture with us into the Latin America market and help us transform our dreams into a reality. The opportunities for exponential growth in the region’s untapped markets are abundant, and we are your trusted partner in helping you to navigate the complexities of this exciting blue ocean scenario.