The Opportunity

  • 7 out of the top 10 highest average scorers in the PISA 2018 worldwide ranking come from East Asia & Pacific.
  • 25 out of the top 100 universities in the QS World Universities Rankings are from Asia.
  • The top 5 performing countries of the TMISS International Mathematics Achievement come from Asia.
  • While school enrolment rates, literacy rates, and resources spent on education in Asia and Latam are similar, the quality of education proves vastly different.

Nowhere has EdTech been embraced as in Asia climbing to a market of USD 5 trillion, leaving the US and Europe far behind.

Latin America is the Next Frontier for Global EdTech

Latin America’s e-learning market is projected to be USD 3bn by 2023 making it the fourth largest EdTech market in the world.

Currently only 12M adults in Latin America participate in some sort of online education.

Latin Leap EdTech Core Team


Francisco Rios
Partnership Enterprise Singapore


Marcelo Biasoli

Luis Enrique Coloma

Education Advisors

Juan Carlos Borja

  • Ecuador based
  • CEO and Founder Reinvent Schools
  • Founder Enseña Ecuador (Teach for All)

Salim Ismail

  • US based
  • Former Innovation Head Yahoo
  • Founder Singularity University
  • CEO Open Exo

Alex Ng

  • Singapore based
  • Managing Director Eduspaze EdTech Accelerator
  • Enterprise Singapore Executive

Investment Committee

José Antonio Ríos
Chairman of the Board Millicom

David Bojanini
Former President Grupo Sura

Fabio Barbosa
President Fundación Itaú

Stefan Krautwald
MD Latin Leap